White-crowned Sparrow

Zonotrichia leucophrys


eBird Checklist S41418217
Flood Brothers Dairy (Restricted access)
Kennebec, Maine, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 44.6454, -69.5828 Map


Media notes

American tree sparrow on the left. White-crowned sparrow on the right.

Observation details

Presumably the same bird seen numerous times earlier in December by others. It was in vegetation at the north end of the southern manure pond with a group of American tree sparrows and horned larks. Distant, marginal, dark, blurry, and grainy photos. Description from memory and pictures: Obvious sparrow by size and shape. Comparable in size to the tree sparrows next to it. Pale gray breast and belly. Stripes on the crown: alternating dark brown and pale buffy (not pure white). Light colored beak: appears pale orange in my pictures. One white wing bar is conspicous. Gray nape. White undertail coverts. Presumably a HY bird based on the color of the streaks on the crown. Dark streas on upper back. Brown flanks. Lacked the dark chest spot evident on the nearby American tree sparrows. Did not hear it vocalize, which could have been distinctive (I did hear the tree sparrows call a few times).

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