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Black-throated Gray Warbler

Setophaga nigrescens


Rob Bielawski
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eBird Checklist S41327652
stakeout Black-throated Gray Warbler, Exeter Court (2017)
James City, Virginia, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 37.2459, -76.7469 Map

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Observation details

Gray, black, and white warbler with yellow dot on lore. Individual was first noted yesterday by Brian Taber in his backyard, observed again around 1pm today. While I was present, it was first spotted by Nancy Barnhart around 1:54 pm working its way around the holly tree east of the feeders/path. Also viewed with Ruth Bielawski, Bill Williams and Shirley Devan; Andrew Baldelli arrived around 2:30 but the bird did not return throughout the remainder of the day.

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