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Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Polioptila caerulea


eBird Checklist S40948768
Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve
Washington, Oregon, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 45.505, -122.9889 Map

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Ventral view of tail, closed. Bird (mostly obscured) is oriented straight up & down in this view, with tail pointed down. No black is evident at base of tail. Although photo is very zoomed and blurry, I feel the colors are rendered accurately (and that had there been much black, it would have shown up in this view).

Observation details

COLBY WRITES: Continuing. The wind unfortunately blew up my recordings. Blue-gray above, white below, white eye ring, long thin tail with at least some white outer tail feathers that it often held partially cocked in the air. First heard and seen near the SW corner of Pintail Marsh in the trees between the dike and the Tualatin River at ~845am, but we lost it in the celebration...we thought it went to the west along the path that follows the river, but we could not relocate it when we went back around. I went on a second pass around Pintail Marsh around 1020am and heard it along the Tualatin River on the east-southeast side of Pintail Marsh, but could not locate it visually due to the sunlight. It seems to call occasionally, but definitely goes long bouts without calling. It seemed to be on its own during the first observation. ..... JAY WRITES: I have gone through my video and have created screenshots that show the tail pattern as well as possible. Based on what I see in these screenshots and understand of the eastern and western birds' plumages, I am leaning toward this bird being of the eastern subspecies, caerulea. See comments for each of the 7 photos below. (But please ignore "ML77423411" -- it is a technical glitch I am trying to get removed.)

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