Reunion Bulbul

Hypsipetes borbonicus


Jennifer F. M. Horne
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840.0 km E of Madagascar; Piton du Fouge; lower slope
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Latitude and Longitude -20.4167, 57.4167 Map

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NOTES: Part A: Time: 0640-0700. Date: 17 Oct 1974. Identified by sight and sound. Confidence in ID: 100%. Specimen not collected. Recordist's Tape #62A & B. Bkground Sounds: Foudia madagascariensis, Geopelia striata, Streptopelia chinensis, Pycnonotus jocosus, Acridotheres tristis, Zosterops borbonica. No. of Animals/Sex: 2 adults, 1 male, 1 female. Social Contact: Group(s). Range Status: Normal. Sound Category: Song, call. Stimulus for Sound: Natural (no playback). Behav. Context: Advertising, mate contact, aggression.) HPF 220 . Note this is the continuation of 74539 at 0640. Call notes followed by chuckle--greeting (used by a pair). Contact calls. Field annotations included. A series of low grating type calls are aggressive calls but there was much wing flicking-fripping-"nectar" drinking (again!) The individual called each time it was working over a new flower, working "systematically through the bush "visiting each flower head." There were two individuals and they came back when I played back at the end of the cut. Annotation included. "Eugenia" = E. jambos (field annotations included). Part B: time: 0700. Date: 17 oct 1974. Identified by sight and sound. Confidence in ID: 100%. Specimen not collected. Recordist's Tape: 62A. Bkground Sounds: Foudia madagarcariensis, Pycnonotus jocosus. No. of Animals/Sex: adult(s), male(s), female(s). Range Status: Normal. Sound Category: Call. Stimulus for Sound: Playback own song. Response to Playback: Approach. Behav. Context: Aggression, foraging.) This is response to playback of the latter portion of Part A of this cut. There are contact calls--"greeting chuckle" and some "aggressive" calls and again when I went down slope nearest to the territory of a "known" pair, playback induced a response with the chuckle calls. Cut length: 3:12.

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16 Oct 2001 by Annette Nadeau
1 Feb 2012 by Jay McGowan

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