Dusky Warbler

Phylloscopus fuscatus


eBird Checklist S39866883
Indian Head Canyon
San Diego, California, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 33.0728, -117.2837 Map

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Observation details

Dull brownish Phylloscopus warbler with slightly buffy undertones below, dark eyeline, dusky cheek and pale subocular crescents, prominent long pale supercilium as pictured, sharply pointed two-tone bill that was dark (horn-colored ) above and pinkish on lower mandible. Relatively shortish wings and shortish tail. Chip reminiscent of Lincoln Sparrow chip. Sketch attached. Gretchen Nell has great photos and a video of this bird. I saw the bird briefly at about 11 am or slightly before, and watched it jump around in the fennel for less than a minute, before it flew back into the vegetation bordering the dry creek bed.

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