Red-legged Tinamou

Crypturellus erythropus


Paul A. Schwartz
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Hato Masaguaral; ca. Corozo Pando
Guárico, Venezuela
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Latitude and Longitude 8.42, -67.5 Map

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NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut #31. Bulk reel #493 Song type 1 = SO-SOO-la; 2 = SO-SO-LA; 3 = SO-LAA. Bird #3: this is a type 3 singer. Quality: 2+ to 1. Level: 0. 203 tape. LN. This bird heard yesterday AM in same place; also Dick Zusi whistled him up yesterday PM. This afternoon bird was not singing but I went into woods and whistled type 1 song and soon he was walking around me. Note two-tone whistle in certain places. Quality: 2+ to 1. Level: 0. 203 tape. LN. Copied N-4.2 to N-IV. (Orig. copy, not filt.) This bird #3 was on the other side of Cano Caracol and on east side of road just beyond bridge. This bird was much less timid than most and as long as I remained still he would walk around at times exposed to view no more than six m. away. Usually, however, he would stop in a position +/- concealed by foliage and sing for protracted periods. Throughout the time I occasionally whistled type 1 song. Toward end I also whistled C. cinnamomeus phrases. i could tell no difference in the bird's reaction but by then it had been well "worked-up." In fact, apparently due to the stress, this bird frequently ysed a two-tone whistle, i.e. it produced sound at two sources, presumably the membranes in each bronchus. At no time was a second bird seen with this one; however, it did give quiet whistle of type 1. Description of bird's action when emitting song phrase: Bird raises self up, stretching neck and fore part of body upward, with the head and bill pointing upward ~60¡ from horizontal. The bill is open ~20¡ during song. Bird #3 was seen to have back indistinctly barred with black; the rump and upper tail coverts barred black and buff. Legs "red." Note: Added at end some of the loudest phrases of this cut, copied from SN and the orig. SN tape, after the partial correction of the SN motor noise. 3 Mar 1974.

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3 Nov 2003 by Annette Nadeau
15 Sep 2009 by David McCartt
by David L. Ross, Jr.

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