Common Ringed Plover

Charadrius hiaticula


Frank Gallo
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eBird Checklist S39148213
Gooseberry Neck
Bristol, Massachusetts, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 41.487, -71.0376 Map



Observation details

MEGA* for east coast, continuing rare (juvenile) Plover first discovered yesterday morning here by Marshall Iliff, who obtained diagnostic photos, and audio of its "poo-eee" call. A tad larger than nearby adult Semipalmated Plover, with grayer (less brownish) upperparts, black band under eye of fairly even width, this extends to bill base to include gape, long white supercilium extends back behind eye, black orbital ring, completely black bill (not orange base as on SEPL), breast band wider than SEPL, but narrowing a little (with perhaps some buff ones) at center of breast; at times it gave its characteristic call. We arrived and first saw the bird with original finder, Marshall Iliff, already with the bird in view. Photos and video taken from about as close as 35 feet, to be added later.

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