Alder Flycatcher

Empidonax alnorum


Isaias morataya
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eBird Checklist S39136114
Chapel hill road17.0582x-89.1202 - Sep 14, 2016, 4:14 PM
Cayo, Belize
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Latitude and Longitude 17.0582, -89.1202 Map

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Observation details

Bird's were heard and seen first heard that pip.....pip......pip....pip...sound then The first bird seen flew across the road into the thick forest and continued vocalizing compared with different recordings from xeno canto the bird call matches perfectly then had the opportunity for a few pictures of the different birds observed will include them in the check list.note this birds are being seen daily by Victor Games Dimas moratya and myself we also had a crew of ebirders from all over that came and observed birds and also compared playback and matched alder flycatcher.The bird seen had an olive color on the back wing bars and sort of whiteish under parts also a very thin eye ring.

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