Band-tailed Guan

Penelope argyrotis


Paul A. Schwartz
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Latitude and Longitude 10.3667, -67.6833 Map

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Call; Non-vocal


NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 73. Bulk reel: 384 Time: 5:50 to 6:05 AM. I had begun work today by the bridge @ km 20.5+, or ~ 300 m. east of the km 21 site (Cut 72b), but when I heard displaying down at this locality and apparently along the road, I shifted operations. Therefore, I don't know what occurred at this site before my arrival @ ~ 5:50 AM. However, when I arrived there was apparently an "accidental" occurrence of two pairs of birds @ my work site which caused some mild confusion and conflict; there were also other displaying birds nearby (more to west, across the ravine). One display (~ in focus). Then ascending whistle. (This was apparently by a second male that remained here, not by the male of first display.) Then displays and vocalizations close at hand and apparently two pair present: one display, bird leaving, and one display, bird returning (same bird?). Some conflict due to the two pairs present. Then one bird (presumably female) flies and another (male) flies after it and displays. Still two birds remain here! Then operations shift to site where the pair that left went to: one ascending whistle, quiet "ao" calls, some semi-conflict calls, then one bird (presumably female) flies silently to another tree and shortly the other (presumably male) flies after it without display. Birds forage with normal quiet talk (not saved). Note - In an attack on an intruding male which was sitting exposed high in a dead tree, no previous conflict, the attacking bird flew at the intruder from some distance, giving a flight scream as it flew; then both birds gave flight screams as the attacker chased the intruder. (This observed 14/IV/73 @ km 18.5 new.) 139 tape, Quality: 1-2. Level: +3.

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 405
Parabola 91.4cm (36in)

Archival Information

11 Sep 2002 by Annette Nadeau
19 Aug 2009 by David McCartt
by David L. Ross, Jr.

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