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Band-tailed Guan

Penelope argyrotis


Paul A. Schwartz
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Rancho Grande; km 23
Aragua, Venezuela
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Latitude and Longitude 10.3667, -67.6833 Map

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NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 67. Bulk reel: 382. Weather: Fair. First sound heard (not recorded) was a display @ 6:00 AM. First sound recorded = one display ~ 6:03, then another display with excited female vocal reaction. Senn[heiser] mike only. Quality: 2+ (1-2). Level: +3. 139 tape. Std. Shortly is heard the male's ascending whistle, just after which the female flies. Then the male flies to her new position, displaying, and the female gives vocal reaction from her new position. Now focused on the new position, we hear some quiet "ao" calls (by the female?), then a display by male with vocal reaction by female. Focused on the female we again hear some quiet "ao" calls, then her vocal reaction as the male displayed again in her directioin; then some excited talk and the male makes another display flight, this time female doesn't respond vocally. Maybe she had left (the "excited talk" suggests the male pressed too hard on his suit at this time; his last display flight may have been following her. Or, to judge from field notes made, this loud display may have been by a second male who was "bothering" her, the quieter sounding first display being of her male. Ascending series whistles by male, then a display; can hear vocal reaction by female in the background. This last display was 6:15-6:20 AM, and was the last given. After this the birds (pair) foraged together and one gave quiet talk similar to that recorded @ end of Cut 66. The present recording of this was not saved. This is a good cut to illustrate the related roles of the sexes. 20/III - In same place as cut 67. Very windy and had been foggy during night, still foggy at dawn. The only guan activity noticed was one display @ ~ 6:15 AM. 21/III - Same place. Very windy, also some fog. No guan activity noticed. 22/III - Same place. Clear, 3/4 moon, but some wind. Several displays above road. Also heard some whistles rather like female (presumed) whine and whistles. That there probably was a female is indicated by the vocal reaction of this bird to a nearby wing-drumming display, and it then immediately resumed the whines-whistles. Much displayhing on several sides this dawn. [Recordist used a Sennheiser 405 microphone and an EV 650. Initially used a 36" parabola, then none.].

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10 Sep 2002 by Annette Nadeau
18 Aug 2009 by David McCartt
by David L. Ross, Jr.

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