Band-tailed Guan

Penelope argyrotis


Paul A. Schwartz
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Rancho Grande; Pica de la Toma
Aragua, Venezuela
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Latitude and Longitude 10.3667, -67.6833 Map

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NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 48. Bulk reel: 381; verbal notes, calls; verbal notes, calls; Extra cut length: 6:451/VIII/69 - Mostly voice comments, but of interest to listen to as impression is better than from transcribed notes. Note: Mentions "loose feeding flock" of 10-20 birds seen previous late PM.Triton tape. Copied from original recording @ 7.5".2/VIII/69 - same place - more comments, next day; also recordings of bird activity: bother + "ao," quiet bother and "up-whine" (two birds present), then a display.4/VIII - R.G., Pica a la Toma - cloudy - Arrived 5:35 AM; first sound @ 5:45, distant birds calling "ao;" 5:52 near birds started a little "ao" calling.6/VIII/69 - same place; clear, 1/4 moon. Arrived 5:30 AM. First "ao" calling @ 5:45 AM by bird above path, called only for a few minutes; @ 5:50 bird called briefly below path, ending with a flight scream; a bird above path answered with "ao" briefly; @ 5:55 still another bird, closer toward building also called briefly. Then there was general calling (~ 5:55) as birds app. began congregating. This is recorded as part of Cut (48 on 203 tape) and voice notes continue. Several birds calling "ao," also mild conflict. Voice notes. 203 tape.11/VIII/69 - comments and events. This morning: a conflict situation developed; then quiet "ao" by one of the birds.15/VIII - same place, clear - Note: the first flush of light occurs ~ 5:35-5:40 AM. The bird behavior was ~ same as in past days, with one bird giving "aos" and some bother calls (apparently a real or imagined mild conflict).13/XII/69 - @ km 24.5 @ dawn a bird gave some "ao" calls, then took off in flight giving a flight scream (couldn't see whether planing or flipping) and then performed a wing-drumming display in the same flight; therefore, it was well out from pack before beginning the display.

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9 Sep 2002 by Annette Nadeau
18 Oct 2009 by David McCartt
by David L. Ross, Jr.

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