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Common Raven

Corvus corax


Brian Henderson
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eBird Checklist S12724343
Norristown Farm Park
Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 40.1422, -75.3457 Map

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Observation details

As I approached the pond (after hiking across the cornfield stubble from the Whitehall Rd parking lot), I could hear a group of pondside American Crows were extremely agitated about something. I heard a Raven croak not long after that, and got a quick look at a huge Corvid flying in front of the trees as I fumbled for my camera. Two similarly sized/proportioned birds flew off, while the American Crows gloated about their victory in the trees at the edge of the Anglers' area. I suspect they may have visited to get a drink from the pond, which was partially ice-free, thanks to the Geese. It's possible these are the same birds that frequent the 309 Quarry in Montgomeryville - only 8.4 miles away, as the Raven flies. It could just as easily be a different pair. A croak can be heard about ten seconds into this video: Some still images are below. The bird in the lead may be missing some tail feathers (or just managed to never turn such that the tail was really visible), but the wedge-shaped tail of the second Raven can be seen in some of the shots. Both have the same large head/bill and long wings.

Technical Information

Canon Powershot SX40

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