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Andean Guan

Penelope montagnii


Paul A. Schwartz
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Páramo Zumbador
Táchira, Venezuela
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Latitude and Longitude 8.0, -72.0833 Map

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NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 17. Bulk reel: 208Weather: cloudya) 0610hr to 0623hr. Quick ascending whistles, calls, display, courtship grunts. Quality: 2 to 1 to 2.b) 0625 to 0630hr. Calls and apparently a small conflict, then more calls with tendency to "courtship growls" and mild conflict. Then a display on ridge above me. Quality: 2. Level: +3.On site 5:55AM. First sounds, a whistle @6:08AM; birds apparently in ~ same place as yesterday. Then another whistle, a few calls, birds move a bit, then calls. The bird then flew with no display; more calls in new position; flew again with no display; more calls (a few) and flew again. Then in the new position, a couple isolated calls, apparently by one bird, and coincidental with the second, a partial ascending whistle, apparently by other bird; then a couple more calls (then ~1' "silence" edited out) then a display (meanwhile the birds had apparently moved a bit and from the new position an ascending whistle preceded the display -- not saved as too weak). in the new position, after about three minutes (interval mostly edited out) there came some courtship "grunts." I think this may have been a case of a male who didn't find the female near, or knew where she was, and so didn't not display until he had located her (or another bird).b) while I was changing reels of tape a bird was seen to fly from above me over ridge area. The succeeding events are not at all clear.

Technical Information

Electro-Voice 650
Parabola 91.4cm (36in)

Archival Information

3 Dec 2003 by Annette Nadeau
10 Jun 2009 by David McCartt
by David L. Ross, Jr.

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