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White-streaked Antvireo (Venezuelan)

Dysithamnus leucostictus tucuyensis


Paul A. Schwartz
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Rancho Grande; km 21 (new)
Aragua, Venezuela
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Latitude and Longitude 10.3667, -67.6833 Map

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NOTES: LNS Note: Unbroken cut with internal recordist announcement gain change. Neotropical Institute Cut # 8. Bulk reel: 116. a)17/IV/73. 6:05 AM. Weather: High fog. Calls. Bird had been singing but stopped just as I got focused and started recording. Quality: 1-2. Level: +2. 203 tape. 3 3/4 ips. LN. Then some songs, more calls; song and calls. Grallaria haplonota and Howlers loud.) Quality: "1-2." Level: +2. b) 21/V/73. 5:50 AM. Weather: Fair. Song and calls. Bird does not react to playback; seems not to be territorial about voice (which is what I found in '69, cf. Cuts 1/3. The bird of part b) is probably the same one as in a). This bird apparently slept in this place every (or frequently, at least) night and sang and called upon awaking. This song period was rather brief before the bird moved out to forage; often I failed to get focused on it before it left, or else was busy with the guans and couldn't work the antshrike. Voice note about this in part c, after playback recording after playhback with PAS comments. ~ 52" long. The difference in time probably indicates the earlier dawn on 21/V as vs. 17/IV. Quality: 2+. Level: +2. 3 3/4 ips. 203 tape. LN. c) 22/V/73. 5:50 AM. Foggy. Ditto. Quality: 1-2. Level: +2. 3 3/4 ips & 7.5 ips. LN. LNS: Subject changed from Dysithamnus plumbeus to D. leucostictus tucuyensis to reflect current taxonomy. -Matt Medler, 3 January 2011.

Background Species

Plain-backed Antpitta - Grallaria haplonota
Alouatta sp. - Alouatta sp.

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 405
Parabola 91.4cm (36in)

Archival Information

3 Feb 2004 by Annette Nadeau
7 Jan 2005 by Michael Andersen
by David L. Ross, Jr.

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