Berylline Hummingbird (Sumichrast's)

Amazilia beryllina [devillei Group]


L. Irby Davis
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William Guion
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Chiapas, Mexico
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Age and Sex
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Call; Non-vocal; Song

Media notes

NOTES: LNS note: Calls and sounds of wings at end of cut. SAS 30May2002. General climate: DRY; SMALL RIVER BEND IN SEMI-ARID WOODS. [This multipart recording contains a variety of different vocalizations. The first part contains a series of "ti-ti-ti..." notes (decapitated and with the recorder speeding up at first), apparently given by a perched bird and generally similar to the calls represented in LNS #53693, though different in quality. The second and third parts contain what appears to be the "song" of the species as described by Howell and Webb (1995. A guide to the birds of Mexico and northern Central America. Oxford University Press, Oxford), but the one in the third part is decapitated. Also in the third part is a loud "seep" at 0:475 that appears to have been given by this species and is probably comparable to the sharp "siik" described in BNA account for Amazilia yucatanensis. What is effectively the fourth part begins with a decapitated song (0:565-0:585) followed by two "seep" notes and then a twitter like the one in the first part (1:01-1:10), then two or three more songs (1:22-1:235, 1:35-1:43). The fifth part has yet another decapitated song (1:48-1:52). I am not sure if the rattles in the sixth part were given by this species (2:08, 2:12, 2:14), but I am relatively certain that nothing in the seventh part (2:17-2:36) was given by this species. Finally, the last part has four examples of a call that is presumably comparable to the "tik" or "tik-k" described in BNA account for A. yucatanensis. Quality changed from 2-1 to 2, 2-1 (mostly quality 2, but the part at 1:01-1:44 reaches 2-1 in places) - CAM - 22 April 2005]. Habitat: Forest, River.

Background Species

Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl - Glaucidium brasilianum
Great Kiskadee - Pitangus sulphuratus
Inca Dove - Columbina inca
Cattle (Domestic type) - Bos taurus (Domestic type)
Dog (Domestic type) - Canis lupus (Domestic type)
White-winged Dove - Zenaida asiatica

Technical Information

Electro-Voice 650
Parabola 101.6cm (40in)

Archival Information

30 May 2002 by Shelagh A. Smith

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