Sandhill Crane

Antigone canadensis


Joshua French
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eBird Checklist S37520888
Cemetary Rd at W Willow St
Sierra, California, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 39.5796, -120.377 Map


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My Aunt spotted something on two legs in the sage brush near Cemetery Rd. It turned out to be a Sandhill Crane! It was super close to the road! It then walked across the road and walked through the field. Then suddenly another one popped up in the field right in front of us! We were snapping pictures of him and were not noticing the other crane had a chick, until mother and chick had gotten some distance away! We than noticed the cute chick and got okay pics of it. But then the funniest thing ever happened! A red winged blackbird pair decided to chase the male crane off their territory! The male red wing jumped on the cranes tail feathers, and rode him as he would a horse! I got an okay video of it! Ebird won't let me post my video, but I have a snip of it posted at the red winged blackbird.

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