Barred Tinamou

Crypturellus casiquiare


Paul A. Schwartz
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Pico San Carlos-Solano
Amazonas, Venezuela
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Latitude and Longitude 2.0, -66.95 Map

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NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 1. LNS Bulk reel: 06 203 tape. 18 Feb 1972. 8:40 PM. Weather: Clear. One song, type 1. Quality: 2. Level: +3. 3.75 ips. LN. Nagra IV recorder; Sennheiser 405 microphone; 24" parabola. This bird sang mostly, almost exclusively at night, and apparently from their "sleeping" spot. Song Type 1: the longer developed song. It is also the "lead" song when the pair sings. Song Type 2: the "following" song when the pair sings. One would think that the Type 1 song should be of the male and type 2 of the female. However, to judge from the circumstances and reactions of the birds that were subsequently collected by using playback, it is the other way around: Type 1 attracted females, Type 2 males. The reactions seemed to be territorial with each sex reacting to playback of its song type. More work must be done to be sure about this sex/song type relationship. THIS ALSO INDICATES NEED TO CHECK SEX/SONG IN C. variegatus; the previous sex assumption may be wrong. 7:30 PM. End of song by same Type 1 bird and most of song by the answering Type 2 bird, recorded earlier same evening. Quality: 3. Level: +3. Std. 7.5 ips. Nagra III; EV 650; 36" parabola. [All further recordings here made with Nagra IV recorder; Sennheiser 405 microphone; 24" parabola.] 19 Feb 1972. 7:30 PM. Weather: Fair. Song by same pair, not in focus. (Birds were in different place than on past two nights.) Quality: 3. Level: +3. 3.75 ips. LN. 8:45 PM. Weather: Cloudy, fair. Song by same Type 1, slightly better focus, followed by a Type 1 song from south side of road. Qualtiy: 2-3. Level: +3. 3.75 ips. LN. 10:45 PM. Same Type 1. (Nothocrax also heard.) Quality: 3. Level: +3. 3.75 ips. LN. 20 Feb 1972. 8:15 PM. Weather: Clear. Same Type 1. (Also some isolated answering notes, but not full Type 2 song.) Quality: 2. Level: +3. 3.75 ips. LN. ~12:00 PM. Two distant Type 1 (or same one twice?) and then the same closer (north side) Type 1; again some isolated answering notes. Quality: 2. Level: +3. 3.75 ips. LN. Note: Several Nothocrax also heard, fairly good recording of them. 21 Feb 1972. 7:00 AM. South side bird. Type 1. Quality: 3. Level: +3. 3.75 ips. LN. Also some single isolated notes (by mate of south side bird?). Number of individuals=UU1-2;.

Background Species

Nocturnal Curassow - Nothocrax urumutum

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11 Nov 2003 by Annette Nadeau
4 Mar 2006 by Martha Fischer
by David L. Ross, Jr.

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