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Lesser Nighthawk

Chordeiles acutipennis


Tony Leukering
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eBird Checklist S36846011
Boise City
Cimarron, Oklahoma, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 36.7299, -102.5041 Map

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Observation details

MEGA -- At first glance as it flushed from tree in front of truck, an obvious Chordeiles overall brown with blunt wingtips and small wing patches. I immediately parked and got out, flushing it again, but getting two definitive in-flight pix. It then perched in another tree, and I got the scope on it. Outer pp with blunt, rounded tips, wing tip reaching only just past tail tip, buff spots on ss, white wing patch visible beyond tip of longest tertial. At Locust and Wilson. Pix to come.

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