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White-faced Ibis

Plegadis chihi


Micky Komara
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eBird Checklist S36100514
Hammock River at Route 1
Middlesex, Connecticut, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 41.2718, -72.4986 Map

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Observation details

This is Hammock River Marsh. These birds at this location, if you cannot find them here, also hang out behind the Clinton Town Hall at McClusker Landing or in the marsh behind Indian River Cemetery in Clinton. Today, the ibises were on both sides of the street, with most foraging on the north side of Route 1. So you might want to check the marsh on the south side of the road if you cannot find the ibis you're looking for. Be aware that there is no parking here along fast-paced Route 1. And pulling off to the side of the road here will only make police stop if they see you. This is a dangerous stretch of Route 1 with no pull off space and cluttering up the sides with cars or people might cause an accident. I suggest you go to the Shop Rite / JoAnn Fabrics plaza and park in that parking lot as far to the east as you can. Then hoof it east, the half block to the billboard sign in the marsh. The ibises usually hang out there. Also, it might be wise to hop over the guardrail and stand on the marsh side.

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