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Whimbrel (European)

Numenius phaeopus phaeopus


Gerard Troost
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eBird Checklist S35904450
Cape Island--CMP--Coral Ave. dune crossing
Cape May, New Jersey, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 38.9328, -74.9652 Map

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Observation details

**Very rare -- traveling west w/ flock of Am. Whimbrel at about 0710. Distant looks. Totally whiffed on it during my first scope scan through the group. A second scan revealed a slightly paler/colder colored Whimbrel that appeared to have a white wedge running up the back from the tail, plus a generally paler tail w/ white bleeding into the lateral tail coverts. I got Arjan and Gerard on the bird, and then lost it as the flock re-shuffled, though Arjan was able to keep it in view for longer and secured very convincing views, plus a few photos. Did not see the pale underwings, as they were in shadow for much of the time--but Arjan's photos may show this once they make it to a larger format. This would apparently represent the 1st record for Cape Island-- previous Cape May Co. reports accepted by NJBRC include 14-30 Aug 2000 (Stone Harbor), 3 Jul 2005 (Wildwood), and 21 Apr 2008 (Stone Harbor). Sibley & Elia (1997) also list records from 24 Sep 1973 (Stone Harbor) and 14 Apr 1994 (Avalon). Will update this account once photos become available.

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