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Lesser Black-backed Gull

Larus fuscus


Kenneth Stinchcomb
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eBird Checklist S35866948
Flaming Gorge NRA--Firehole Canyon Campground
Sweetwater, Wyoming, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 41.3503, -109.4453 Map



Observation details

Large Gull that bullied all other gulls trying to protect two fish carcasses. Much larger and Darker than all other gulls. Very dark back and wings, white trailing edge with one white spot on tip of wing. Wing spread was Impressive and Dark almost black when flying. Underwings white, light gray with one white spot and match reference pictures viewed at Legs and feet yellow with NO suggestion of pink. Heavy yellow beak with red spot at the Gonydeal angle of lower mandible. Upper beak tip has some black because of transition or from possibly being dirty from working fish carcasses? Cream to yellow colored eye with black pupil and dark yellow orbital ring the best I can tell. Eliminated the Western, Slaty-backed and the Great Black-Backed by having pink legs and feet not yellow. Kelp Gull has pale Greenish legs and feet. Yellow-footed Gull underwings were not matching plus area extreme.

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