Elf Owl

Micrathene whitneyi


eBird Checklist S35643419
Sweetwater Wetlands
Pima, Arizona, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 32.2785, -111.0225 Map


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We heard a group of Verdin mobbing this TINY owl - amazing. We got to watch it for over 15 minutes. Added Observations Below on 4.6.17 by request of e-Bird Data Reviewer: Size - again, this was an owl the size of a fox sparrow - but more svelt (skinny). I've seen eastern screech owlets up close (I live 1/2 from a wildlife rehab center) and this owl was smaller than those. No Ear Tufts - we looked again and again, asking "could it be a screech owlet? All alone?" It did not have any ear tufts. White Eyebrows - those were clear. Arched/curved white eyebrows were obvious. Bright Yellow Eyes - these were striking - piercing, even. It was staring at us for a long time. No False Eye Spots - we saw the back/nape of this bird many times and didnt' notice the false eye spots you see on a Pygmy owl.

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