Herring Gull (Vega)

Larus argentatus vegae


Christoph Moning
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eBird Checklist S34991036
品川区--大井ふ頭中央海浜公園 (Shinagawa Ward--Oifuto Central Seaside Park)
Tokyo, Japan
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Latitude and Longitude 35.5922, 139.7503 Map


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I have consulted with Nial Moores over at Birds Korea, and based on the field marks visible in the media, we are hard-pressed to call this bird anything but Vega Gull. Per Nial: No Mongolian shows such extensive streaking on the crown at this time of year, and the structure is well off. I cannot tell what the shade of the upperparts is from this single image. Yellowish legs would suggest taimyrensis (though the bird in the image looks just like a vegae to me - and although pale-mantled subspecies birulai or "birulai" can show yellow legs I have yet to see any bird that I would identify as a nominate vegae with any yellowish tones to the legs. They are invariably pink-legged. The statement in recent Collins guide about yellow tones to the legs in vegae is presumably based on including taimyrensis in with vegae - a very odd taxonomic position!" Based on the available media and field notes, this is therefore either a Vega Gull or perhaps a Birula Gull. In eBird, these taxa have not been split, so this can safely be listed as Herring Gull (Vega) (Larus argentatus vegae), which is the expected "Herring Gull complex" form in Japan. Gulling is hard! Cheers and bird on! Carlos Ross

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