White-headed Woodpecker

Dryobates albolarvatus


Kevin J. Colver
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Jones Valley
California, United States
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Media notes

NOTES: (Cross Reference to Catalog #: 49069; Number of Animals and Sex: ?nestlings unknown sex, 2 adults unknown sex; Species Sound: infrequent; Breeding Status: breeding; Behavioral Context: several feeding passes made by 2 adults. calls by adults were made sometimes when both parents arrived at nest hole simultaneously, sometimes in alarm at my presence. nestlings are heard; General Climate: cyclic wet-dry; General Habitat: quaking aspen grove; Temperature: 4-21¡C; Filtering: yes) LNS #49069 for reference. BNA: Drumming can be heard as well as Begging Calls of young. Some of the begging calls sound "cricketlike" which may indicate that the nestlings are between 9 and 14 days old. At about 1:51, a call from an adult is heard, possibly a "Kweek Call" but I am not sure. That call is heard again in the segments that follow. CZ 24/02/2004. [Agreed, this recording begins with two Drums (0:09, 0:14), followed by at least three arrivals by an adult at the nest and the subsequent Begging Calls by the nestlings (0:48, 1:24, 1:54). These Begging Calls represent the "peeps" of BNA, said to be given by roughly two-week old nestlings (see LNS #106545 and Figure 6E of BNA). Another Drum at 2:33 is followed by an additional food pass at 2:54. The adult gave a series of "Kweek" Calls after arriving for the last food pass (1:55-1:565), and possibly some "Wad" calls upon its departure (1:57-2:01). Given the similarity of these begging calls to those in LNS #106545, I suspect these were relatively large nestlings. Quality changed from 1-2 to 2-1 (at best) - CAM - 20 April 2005]. Other Behaviors: Care For Young. Habitat: Forest, Coniferous Forest, Thicket/Brush.

Technical Information

Sennheiser ME 20
Roche Parabola 60cm/14.5cm (23.6in/5.7in)

Archival Information

5 Jul 2001 by Nancy Schrempf
24 Feb 2004 by Claudia Zan
29 May 1991 by Steven R. Pantle

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