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Great Kiskadee

Pitangus sulphuratus


Tammy Hester
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eBird Checklist S34358401
Bear Island WMA (fall and winter restricted access)
Colleton, South Carolina, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 32.5918, -80.4641 Map

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Observation details

First seen at 3:53pm in the exact area/spot that David Youngblood along with at least one other birder heard & had a visual early this morning & other birders had luck on Sunday around the same time. The bird popped up into the top of one of the bare trees for about 10 seconds a few minutes after I entered the clearing. It then flew down to the right into the trees near the roadside opening & started giving the one note "Chik-reee" call several times. It appeared to be eating the red berries or gleaning bugs in my video. The bird went quiet & seemed to disappear so I headed up the road for about 30 minutes. The bird was back in the same tree when I passed back by at 4:30. It began the same call over & over before popping out to the edge of the trees on the road/water side for few seconds then dropping down to eye level into to the thicket by the ditch. I videoed the bird preening for 31 secs then the bird dropped down out of sight at about 4:35. Many thanks to all that helped me experience this bird.

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