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Red-tailed Hawk

Buteo jamaicensis


eBird Checklist S33600923
Kerr-Hwy 39, western portion
Kerr, Texas, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 29.9416, -99.6836 Map



Good for Krider's: The bird had almost no ticking on the breast and a little gray color in the central throat. The iris color looks light blue in my original, not the expected yellow. Strange.

Observation details

This bird was perched then flew away from me. The bird had no ticking on the breast in binocular view and just a few strands of light brown in the "shoulders," and almost no color in the throat. Some small dotting on the flanks beneath the wings. The vent had some light orange tint. I believe the bird is mostly Krider's with a touch of Southwestern race. The extent of red in the tail cuts down on the 100% Krider's gene pool in my opinion. The topside of the bird looks a little to dark to be good for Sibley's illustration of a Krider's.

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