Oak Titmouse

Baeolophus inornatus


Geoffrey A. Keller
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15.0 km N of Medford; Lower Table Rock
Jackson, Oregon, United States
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Age and Sex
Adult Male – 1
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Media notes

NOTES: dawn +0.16hrs; technical info same as 89-10-01; [Four-hundred and eighty-eight songs of eight song-types. From 0:00 to 11:02 of the recording highlights six song-types as follows: 0:01-0:49 (15 songs of the same type as that given at 18:02-19:09 and 16:41-17:05), 0:52-3:03 (37 songs of the same song-type as those at 17:06-17:57), 3:05-4:25 (45 songs), 4:50-5:34 (19 songs beginning with a decapitated song after a stop-start), 5:35-7:53 (85 songs that could instead be "tsicka dee dee" calls [?]; there is also a single song at 7:345-7:55 that is typical of the song-type sung both before and after the ÒsongsÓ given here), 7:55-8:42 (20 songs of the same type given between 4:50-5:34, at 7:345, and 19:12-20:21), and 8:43-11:02 (56 songs following another "cryptic" stop start). From 11:02 begins a new song-type, and presumably a stop-start. The next 9:23 also contain six song-types (two of which were not given in the first 11:02) as follows: 11:02-13:055 (49 songs), 13:085-16:34 (91 songs), 16:41-17:05 (9 songs of the same song-type as those given at 0:01-0:49 and 18:02-19:09), 17:065-17:57 (17 songs of the same type as those given at 0:52-3:03, and only slightly different from those given both and before and after this song-type), 18:02-19:09 (18 songs of the same type given at 0:01-0:49 and 16:41-17:05), and 19:12-20:21 (26 songs, possibly following a "cryptic" stop-start, and with last seven songs during voice announcement; these songs are of the same type as those given at 4:50-5:34, 7:345, and 7:55-8:42). The series at 4:26-4:47 represents the "tsicka dee dee" call of BNA (13 calls following a "cryptic" stop-start), and I believe the soft, lisping "sip" notes at 1:28, 2:38, and 12:035 were given by this species, but most of the other similar calls were instead given by Dendroica coronata. Times taken from beginning of recording (after LNS announcement) and assuming that the two parts are recombined into one. Quality changed from 1 to 1-2, 1 - CAM - 30 March 2005]. Number of individuals=AM5+;. Other Behaviors: Advertise. Habitat: Deciduous Forest, Savannah.

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 106T
Roche Parabola 74cm/17.7cm (29.1in/7in)

Archival Information

by David Lauten
4 May 2005 by Martha Fischer
by Thomas Paolangeli

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