Bohemian Waxwing

Bombycilla garrulus


Linda Steider
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eBird Checklist S32829107
Mt. Adams Recr. Rd. at Trout Lake Ck. bridge
Klickitat, Washington, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 45.9989, -121.5282 Map



Bohemian Waxwing almost directly overhead, front

Observation details

Linda Steider took a lot of photographs, some of which she will upload here. Most of the time the waxwings were silhouetted against the grey sky. And they pretty much stayed in the top of a tall cottonwood w. of the buildings (a bed and breakfast place) on the w. side of the road and immediately n. of the Trout Lake Creek bridge. But several waxwings visitied roadside trees, a few times, on both sides of the road. There they associated with robins. Their calls first got our attention: a rapid and tremulous sibilant rattle--a little more complex than the straightforward "tseee" notes of Cedar Waxwing. It was hard to see colour on the undertail coverts, but their bellies looked greyish and the undertail coverts dark (not whitish). Also noticed the white and yellow markings on their folded wings. The white markings were conspicuous in two places: the tips of the secondaries and the tips of the greater primary coverts. Otherwise they looked much like a Cedar Waxwing, including yellow tips to the tail feathers, crested head and slim black mask and black chin and throat. We did not see any Cedar Waxwings mixed in with the Bohemians, but every individual in the flock was not closely examined. Both robins and waxwings were feeding on rowanberries in a tree behind the house, visible over the rooftop.

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