Dusky Warbler

Phylloscopus fuscatus


eBird Checklist S95704271
Marta's Marsh
Marin, California, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 37.9256, -122.5031 Map

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Observation details

Continuing **mega found on 10/4 by the undisputed Master of the Marsh, A. Merritt. I finally had diagnostic looks at the bird on my third night of searching (the last two nights were 'heard only' call notes and quick looks at a small, furtive figure at dusk). This evening the bird was quite confiding for a brief time in the fennel at the end of Channel Dr. and farther out in the marsh, east of where it has been primarily seen. Observed foraging low in a variety of vegetation and on the ground before it eventually flew back in to one of the palms at the end of Channel Dr. and then into the cane (Arundo donax) patch where we lost it. Extensively documented by others, so brief notes represent what I saw in the field. When observed in the open (typically on the ground), the bird was noted to be plain brown/gray dorsally and dingy brown ventrally. Long, light supercilum that seemed to be thickest over the eye; Dark eyeline; thin bill, lighter at the base; lacking wing-bars; slightly darker ear coverts that contrast ever so subtly with lighter throat; pale (but not bright) legs. Short pp is evident in photos by other observers, but not in my pics or observable to me in the field. Call note a very distinct "teck," almost identical to Lincoln's Sparrow, but given very frequently and the best way to locate the bird. Amazing find by Alex, and a righteous bird enjoyed by many. This bird represents the 22nd CA record and the 3rd MRN record, I believe.

Technical Information

Lens model
FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS
Focal length
391 mm
Shutter speed
1/250 sec
Flash did not fire
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2109 x 1406

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