Emperor Goose

Anser canagicus


eBird Checklist S95676692
Myrtle Edwards Park / Centennial Park
King, Washington, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 47.6226, -122.3664 Map

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!!!!!! pretty mind blowing, dream bird for the sound. in a group of 21 CACG, i noticed a bird that appeared slightly larger with a white head. as the flock got closer i noted the birds neck and chin was black, the white on the head seemed to extend down the top of the neck, and the color overall was cold gray, which contrasted with the browner warmer CACGs. Upper wings were cold gray, with darker gray flight feathers. At this point, I knew I must be looking at an Emperor Goose! Soon after, the whole flock banked and dropped a bit in altitude, and I could see briefly but clearly this individual had a white tail! Attached are stills from digiscope video. in some video stills underparts appear slightly warmer in the low angle early morning light, but never as warm or brown as CACGs. Upper wings consistently cold gray with darker gray flight feathers, neck dark with white head and white extending down top of neck. undertail coverts solid gray, which eliminates an aberrant CACG or hybrid Snow X CACG/CANG. subtle contrast between upper wing and flight feathers (outer primaries not jet black) seem to eliminate Blue SNGO…potentially the 4th or 5th? king county record but the first since the 80s, and the first since the species was added to the WA state review list!

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