Common Ringed Plover

Charadrius hiaticula


eBird Checklist S94255586
Lake Tolowa
Del Norte, California, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 41.8329, -124.2166 Map


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Juvenile type bird found this evening by Lucas Brug and Logan Kahle. Immediately upon arrival Lucas pointed the bird out as it flew in within 12 meters from us. I noticed right away with my naked eye that the bird stood out by size alone. With great comparison of a SEPL right next to it you could easily see it was a little heavier but more noticeably longer winged. The primaries on the SEPL barely reached past tail. With the CRPL very easy to see obvious longer primary length past tail. It called also which was the BEST way to pick it out. A very soft sad sounding call. When you hear it it makes you think it’s farther than it really is. At the end of the call it falls rather than rises like a SEPL call. Photos and recording attached.

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