Great Egret

Ardea alba


Russell Turner
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eBird Checklist S90178910
Churchill--Akudlik Marsh
Churchill and Northern Manitoba, Manitoba, Canada
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Latitude and Longitude 58.7459, -94.1094 Map

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First spotted on side of road wading in marsh. I pulled over and bird flew away getting dive bombed by arctic terns, herring gulls and ring-billed gulls. I drove home got my binoculars and camera and returned to the marsh 30 minutes later. Spotted again in a grouping of willows. Long neck, slender beak. completely white body and head. No other colors seen on the head.. Yellow beak and black legs. In flight s shaped curve in neck and again all white wings. no color on primaries. At times of strong wind, I believe I could notice the plumes on the back of the bird. Size of bird, smaller than a sandhill crane but larger than a snow goose.

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