Short-billed Dowitcher (caurinus)

Limnodromus griseus caurinus


eBird Checklist S89500756
M Street Marsh/Emerald Downs
King, Washington, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 47.3284, -122.2432 Map

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On the “back” pond (on the east side of the property and not visible from the road) loosely associating with LBDO. Digi-scoped photos and audio obtained. Nice to study as the first caurinus I’ve seen in alternate (so the first I could confidently ID as such) compared against the hendersoni and griseus I’m more familiar with. Not nearly as white underneath as gresius and certainly closer to that on hendersoni but with sides maybe slightly more marked than I would expect on the average hendersoni and definitely less buffy on upperparts overall. I’m confident with this subspecies ID but it makes me wonder with variation if all of them can be accurately identified to this level.

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