White-winged Dove

Zenaida asiatica


Ethan Whitaker
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eBird Checklist S86105071
51 Washington Ave, Gardiner US-ME 44.22572, -69.77825
Kennebec, Maine, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 44.2257, -69.7783 Map

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Rare - Reported on Listserv by Jeff Wells this morning. Thanks to Jeff for helping me find the bird on a very windy day. Huskier than Mourning Dove. Striking blue orbital ring with orange-red iris. Characteristic white patch visible on folded wing. Reddish tail. Photos to follow. Please copy and paste Jeff’s information for visitors: "For Earth Day it seems that our neighborhood in Gardiner has been blessed with the presence of a White-winged Dove. The area that we know the bird is frequenting is between the intersections of Chestnut Street and Washington Avenue and Elm Street and Washington Avenue. This is a residential area with lots of homes and apartments and people living their lives including many who are working from home because of Covid (ourselves included—the Zoom meetings don’t stop even for this). We would like to ask that anyone coming to look for the bird be particularly sensitive to that and stay on sidewalks, do not obstruct driveways or park or stand on lawns, follow COVID protocols related to masks and spacing, and be friendly to passersby and neighbors with explanations as to what you are looking for and how special it is, etc. We have told our immediate neighbors about the bird (they are delighted!) but lives must continue, so if a homeowner or neighborhood dweller inconveniences you while you’re watching the bird (or trying to), be understanding. Washington Avenue has a fair amount of traffic so please be very careful and don’t stand in the street or park in such a way that makes it difficult for traffic to pass. One possibility for easy and out-of-the-way parking would be to park along School Street or Dresden Avenue beside the Gardiner Common and walk across Brunswick Avenue (Rt. 201) to the area, which is only a few blocks. We have also attempted to reach the Gardiner Police Department to alert them about the possibility of people being around the neighborhood with binoculars and cameras but were only successful in leaving a message so they may be delayed in hearing about it. Several police officers live in the general vicinity as well so they me among those that would stop and ask what you are doing. Jeff and Allison Wells"

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