Black Swan

Cygnus atratus


R.H.D. Stidolph
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Lake Onoke
South Wairarapa District, Wellington, New Zealand
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Latitude and Longitude -41.3834, 175.1064 Map


Media notes

Photo taken by R.H.D. Stidolph. Image stored at Wairarapa Archives, Masterton:,25

Observation details

On lagoon near Onoke Lake found nests of black swans. All were placed within a few yards of water. 1st: 4 young. 2nd: 4 young, 2 eggs - 1 chipped, nest 14 in across cup, 3 ft diameter, 8 in deep, composed on dry wood, rushes, twigs, straw and lined with down. Young clothed in grey down, white beneath, legs and feet greenish grey, bill slaty. Eggs greenish, granulated, 4 in in length 2.5 in across. 3rd: 5 eggs. 4th 12 in across cup, eggs more whitish (chalky) 4 eggs. 5th: 6 eggs, 1 hatched. 6th: 2 eggs one 3.75 in x 2.25 in whitish (taken and found excellent eating). 7th: 7 eggs. 8th: 5 eggs (last two nests within 6 feet of each other). 9th: 5 eggs. Two nests were empty, two just vacated. Two were being built. 10th: 3 eggs.

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