Glossy Ibis

Plegadis falcinellus


eBird Checklist S4508701
Gold St. ponds
Santa Clara, California, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 37.4188, -121.9732 Map


Media notes

digitized from slide back when photographed (details seen better on much enlargment, or see written details above)

Observation details

My field notes of the above bird note that it was "~5% larger than usually adjacent White-faced Ibis; probably sexual dimorphism?" and have this to say about bare part differences between the alternate-plumaged Glossy and the nearby alternate-plumaged White-faced: "White-faced have reddish bills, reddish lores, red eye, no pale edges on bare skin near eye, and all red legs. Glossy has grayish bill, rather dark gray lores, brown eye, and bright baby-blue edges in front of eye on either side of bare lores. This looks whitish in bins but is pale blue in scope. The bare-skin bright edges do not circle around back of eye; rear of eye likely touches feathers (or bare skin very narrow here). Legs of Glossy were gray but with reddish "knees" (both front and back)." [CBRC accepted]

Technical Information

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