Magnificent Frigatebird

Fregata magnificens


Cory Gregory
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eBird Checklist S73037321
Lovers Leap
Marion, Missouri, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 39.704, -91.3474 Map


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I first spotted this adult female at 7:26 AM gliding north over the river at about eye-level. It circled the Hwy 72 bridge a couple times and then continued north along the river. I lost sight of it at about 7:43 AM very distantly to the north. We quickly drove to Quincy, IL and managed to relocate the bird at 8:55 AM. At this point, we were south of the Hwy 24 bridges looking north and the bird was very distant to the north from there, beyond the two bridges and probably even north of the railroad bridge. So we then tried to relocate it again by driving north to that area but failed to find it again. Did it continue north towards Iowa? Did it circle back? No idea. I have experience with Lesser, Great, and Magnificent and knew to look for the white spur going into the axillaries. In person, I did not see any white there but in the photos, which are poor in quality, it's difficult to distinguish that. It seems likely this vagrant was pushed north into the Midwest by Hurricane Laura which spun into Louisiana 4 days ago.

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