Blue-headed Vireo

Vireo solitarius


Laura Sebastianelli
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eBird Checklist S70968802
Acadia NP--Schoodic Institute Campus
Hancock, Maine, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 44.3354, -68.0611 Map

Call; Song
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Media notes

9:58am. East of parking lot at Schoodic Institute's dining hall. 30+m of vocalizations by same BHVI at same location (Six sections of 4 files combined, separated by 1 second of silence which were times when I moved closer to the BHVI). Never seen (did not want to scare it away.) In summary, in addition to song phrases, Section I has 2 “trill” calls, Section II has 2 “trill” calls, Section III has 8 “trill” calls and 7 “Zer/Zer-wee” calls, Section IV has 12 “trill” calls, Section V has 5 “trill” calls, Section VI has 27 “trill” calls and 3 “Complex Songs” of 40+s, 8+s, and 15+s. And then flew.

Observation details

Section I, 0-1:14m. In addition to song phrases, Two “Trill” at :20s, :49s. Section II, 1:15-2:16m. In addition to song phrases, Two “Trill” at 1:19m, 1:43.5m. Section III, 2:17-7:30m. In addition to song phrases, Eight “Trill” at 2:37m, 2:57m, 3:46m, 4:04.5m, 4:37.5m, 4:49.5, 4:56.5m, 5:06m; and Seven “Zer”/“Zer-wee” calls at 4:46.5m, 4:53m, 4:59m, 5:03.5m, 6:52.5m 6:58m, 7:02m. Section Section IV, 7:31.5-13:26m. In addition to song phrases, Twelve “Trill” at 8:24.5m, 8:42m, 9:06.5m, 10:09m, 10:50.5m, 11:15.5m, 11:39.5m, 12:01m, 12:11m, 12:28m, 13:03.5m, 13:21m. Section V, 13:27-15:41m. In addition to song phrases, Five “Trill” at 14:19m, 14:54m, 15:02m, 15:08m, 15:22m. Section VI, 15:42-30:53m. In addition to song phrases, Twenty-seven “Trill” at 15:46.5m, 16:05.5m, 16:28m, 16:43.5m, 17:07m, 17:20m, 17:46m, 17:56m, 18:27m, 19:12m, 19:26m, 19:55m, 20:21m, 20:59.5m, 22:46.5m, 23:10m, 23:37.5m, 23:47m, 23:54m, 24:20m, 26:38m, 27:16m, and Three “Complex Song” at 21:26.5m (40+s long), 23:53.5 (8+ long), and 29:06.5 (15+s long).

Technical Information

Marantz PMD 561
Sennheiser ME62
Telinga Parabola
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