Yellow-throated Vireo

Vireo flavifrons


eBird Checklist S70046452
Jordan Valley (town)
Malheur, Oregon, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 42.9741, -117.0495 Map


Media notes

First county record of this species, and only the 5th record for Oregon.

Observation details

Wow! This is a first county record, and only the 5th record of this species for the state of Oregon. I initially heard this bird singing in trees on Somerville St. just south of California St. It was a loud song similar to Cassin’s Vireo but throatier, deeper, harsher, and slower, with the phrases well-spaced apart. It is a song that I know well from growing up in the eastern US, and thus recognized right away. I also twice heard the distinctive "dzh-dzh-dzh..." scold call that this species shares with the Solitary-type Vireos. After some anxious searching, I finally got on the bird visually and observed its rich lemon-yellow throat and upper breast, yellow spectacles, white belly, vireo-shaped bill, greenish head, gray rump, and white wingbars on dark gray wings. I eventually obtained several brief video clips of varying quality, as well as iPhone sound recordings. I have embedded screenshots of the 9 best frames from the videos, as well as my best video clip, which includes the song.

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