Black-banded Owl

Ciccaba huhula


Curtis Marantz
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Reserva Florestal de Imataca; Campamento Río Grande
Bolívar, Venezuela
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Latitude and Longitude 8.1148, -61.6439 Map

Age and Sex
Male – 1
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These recordings highlighted the simpler and lower-frequency calls that I think were given by the male, which Brian Daniels spotted while I was recording the first part of this recording as it perched about 20 meters away and 18 meters up in the branches of a Cecropia tree growing at the edge of the main logging road in terra firme forest just short of its intersection with the short spur road. Unfortunately, the bird flew off soon after I got onto it in the second part of the recording, when it was 15-18 meters away and on the same perch where Brian spotted it. After the first announcement I switched to recording the presumed female again, at which time it was in view about 60 meters away three-quarters (20-25 meters up) of the way up one of the larger trees along the edge of the clearing. Although I did not do any playback subsequent to my initial recording of the female, the birds continue to fly back-and-forth around the clearing and they were quite vocal. The bird that I was calling the male, seemed a little bit larger, a little bit more obviously barred above and on the wings, and a little bit more coarsely barred below. The other bird by contrast, seemed to be a little bit smaller, more finely barred around the head, neck, and underparts, and it was not as obviously barred on the wings. Also of note is that the bird we were calling the male seemed to perch lower than the bird we were calling the female, typically with the male in the upper understory (the perches where we saw this bird were about 3-5 meters up) and the female in the upper mid-levels. Perfectly clear with many stars, calm, 81-82° F, with about a two-thirds moon high in the sky. Equipment Notes: Sennheiser powered using phantom power and with filter in flat position and attenuator off for all recordings. Nagra input set at 2 mV / Pa and low-pass filter in flat position unless noted otherwise.

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 20
Roche Parabola 74cm/17.7cm (29.1in/7in)

Archival Information

11 Aug 2016 by Brad Walker
11 Aug 2016 by Brad Walker
11 Aug 2016 by Brad Walker

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