Rose-breasted Chat (Rose-breasted)

Granatellus pelzelni pelzelni


Curtis Marantz
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Reserva Florestal de Imataca; Campamento Río Grande
Bolívar, Venezuela
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Latitude and Longitude 8.1103, -61.6955 Map

Age and Sex
Unknown – 2
Call; Song
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Songs and a few calls by both members of a pair (and possibly a third bird), of which I clearly saw both a male and a female as they foraged actively amid moderately dense growth, much as it vine tangles and hanging dead-leaf clusters, about 8-10 meters away and 2-6 meters up in the mid-levels of relatively scrubby terra firme forest along the spur road about 1 1/2 kilometers beyond the logging camp and right across the road from the entrance to the forestry plots. I recorded the first part of this cut after I whistled to the bird, in response to which it seemed to sing a little bit more. The second part was recorded following playback of itself, but the response to playback was minimal (and seemingly weaker than that to my whistled imitation). In the third part of this recording (file #BOL025) the songs were by the male and the “drrit” calls were by the female, but I think the soft “eenr” calls were also by the male. the last part of this recording (file #BOL027) contains mostly calls by the female recorded after I brought it in again using additional playback, but there are also songs by the male in the background. at this time, the female was forging about 4 meters away from me and 5 meters up (I saw the female quite well just before I recorded this, and described it briefly on tape). I observed both birds singing, but the female sang less frequently and its song was somewhat shorter in duration. Mostly clear, intermittently breezy but calm at times, 86-87° F. Equipment Notes: Sennheiser powered using phantom power and with filter in flat position and attenuator off for all recordings. Nagra input set at 2 mV / Pa and low-pass filter in flat position unless noted otherwise.

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 20
Roche Parabola 74cm/17.7cm (29.1in/7in)

Archival Information

8 Aug 2016 by Brad Walker
8 Aug 2016 by Brad Walker
8 Aug 2016 by Brad Walker

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