Lucifer Hummingbird

Calothorax lucifer


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Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary (closed Thursday morning; formerly Ash Canyon B&B)
Cochise, Arizona, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 31.3905, -110.2392 Map


Media notes

Male Lucifer Hummingbird

Observation details

One male - long black downward curved bill; magenta gorget; long tail that extends past the folded wings when perched; green above; green flanks; white chest; white postocular line which broadens to sides of neck. Two females - long black downward curved bill; throat white; long tail that extends past the folded wings when perched; green above; buff below; buffy white postocular line which broadens to sides of neck, with dark gray eye stripe just below that line. Photos were taken of all 3 birds. There was one male that I, as well as other birders, had identified as a Lucifer x Costa's Hummingbird hybrid. It had all the characteristics of a pure male Lucifer Hummingbird except the gorget was longer (like a Costa's) and appeared to be more purple (like a Costa's). There were questions presented on Aug. 6, 2019 as to whether this was actually a pure Lucifer Hummingbird. After further examination, it appears this is probably a pure male Lucifer Hummingbird -- Mark Stevenson noted "It looks like the streakiness in the throat may be a result of the gorget feathers not being fully opened yet. The shafts are showing.". The more purple color of the gorget rather than magenta like a typical male Lucifer Hummingbird may be the result of lighting or a natural slight color variation. Since all other characteristics point to a pure male Lucifer Hummingbird, I have changed the ID from Lucifer x Costa's Hummingbird (hybrid) to Lucifer Hummingbird. The following are earlier notes regarding this bird: "This hummer has the downward curved bill of a Lucifer Hummingbird and the purple gorget of a Costra's Hummingbird. Photos were taken. On Aug. 6, 2019 there were questions regarding whether this was indeed a Lucifer x Costa's Hummingbird hybrid or a pure Lucifer Hummingbird. The concern was that there was no iridescence in the crown and no postocular patch that are found in a Costa's Hummingbird. I attached another photo of this bird showing the purple and rather long gorget similar to that of a Costa's Hummingbird. However, all other features, including the long strongly curved bill and long tail that folds to a point (the tail extends significantly beyond the folded wings) are all good Lucifer Hummingbird traits. This bird was being called a hybrid by other birders present, including the owner, Mary Jo Ballator -- based entirely on the length and color of the gorget. I am waiting to get a decision regarding the ID from birders that have greater expertise on hummingbirds than I do."

Technical Information

Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
Focal length
198.5 mm
Shutter speed
1/160 sec
Flash did not fire, auto
Original file size
2669 x 2000

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