Allen's Hummingbird

Selasphorus sasin


eBird Checklist S64462284
stakeout Allen's Hummingbird, Lawrenceville (2020)
Gwinnett, Georgia, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 33.9705, -84.0413 Map

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Continuing since 2/3, 2nd year male Allen's Hummingbird banded this morning at 0820 by Rusty Trump, band N69030. Captured handheld phonescoped video of the bird wearing his new jewelry at 1055 (1 min 23 sec), at 1134 (18 sec), and at 1145 (52 sec). Seen several other times during this session but not between 1146 and 1311 (when I departed). Amazing amount of new gorget molt since I saw the bird about 92 hours ago on 2/10!: Wonderful Gwinnett County Valentine's Day bird! Thanks to Karen Theodorou and family, and thanks to Rusty! - - - I’ve noticed when browsing eBird checklists with a lot of photos lately that maybe you can’t see all of the photos on the checklist unless you scroll to the end of the checklist, and then scroll back up to the top, and then maybe scroll back and forth, end to end, a couple times, at least on some platforms (maybe only checklist views on phones behave this way), until all of the photos appear. Also checklist views in eBird can sometimes chop the ends off of long photos and one can’t see the whole photo unless you actually “open” that photo fully by double-clicking or tapping, etc.

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