Broad-billed Hummingbird

Cynanthus latirostris


eBird Checklist S24973917
Chiriaco Summit
Riverside, California, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 33.6615, -115.7211 Map


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Observation details

Found earlier in the day by Jon Dunn. We arrived about 3:10 PM and parked between the residence and the café. Curtis was able to find the bird within a minute of our arrival, about 10 feet up in the tree where Jon Dunn had seen it earlier in the day. I was able to see the bird at the same location. The tree (unknown variety) is tall with a large rough truck and narrow green leaves, and is located inside the fence of the residence that is just west of the religious shrine. The bird then flew out of the original tree, then it would perch most often in the olive tree above the wooden bird feeder. The olive tree is north of the pool gate access just east of the religious shrine. From this location, the bird would feed at the long, yellow tubular flowers that were just north of the religious shrine. We observed the bird several times over the span of 2 hours. Vernon and Andrew Howe arrived around 4:00 PM and easily observed the bird. Apparent adult female. Small hummingbird with a long slightly downward curved bill, that was pinkish at the base and dark towards the tip. Dark eyes, legs and feet. Dark mask that extended below the eye, with a narrow white stripe that extended just behind the eye and mask. On the perched bird, the wings just met the end of the tail. Green above, some green on the upper wings and dark primaries. Dark tail with white on the tips. The breast and belly were gray, and there was a blush of green along the sides of the upper breast. During our observations of the bird, it vocalized a few times with the “je-dit” call.

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