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Banff National Park; Stony Creek
Alberta, Canada
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Latitude and Longitude 51.4486, -115.5745 Map

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Subject 1: (Equus caballus caballus). Subtitle: Walking through stream. Timecode In: 00:05:06. Timecode out: 00:06:45. Subject 2: (Equus caballus caballus). Subtitle: Walking through creek. Timecode In: 00:15:00. Timecode out: 00:17:00. Subject 3: (Equus caballus caballus). Subtitle: Walking, Breathing heavily. Timecode In: 01:00:00. Timecode out: 01:01:20. Behaviors: walk; make breath sounds. Subject 4: (Interview). Subtitle: Karsten Heuer. Timecode In: 01:14:28. Timecode out: 01:26:31. Notes: Banff National Park. Subject 5: (Interview). Subtitle: Karsten Heuer. Timecode In: 01:41:48. Timecode out: 01:45:27. Notes: Banff National Park; Dormer Pass; Dormer cabin. Habitat: ; ; Equipment Notes: Stereo=1; Decoded MS Stereo. NPR/NGS RADIO EXPEDITIONS Y2Y DAT#5 Ambi -02:00 -04:43 Horses walking on trail [stream in background] dry trail-not too many stones [ ok] Ambi,.... 05:06 -06:45 Walking on horses by stream -and into stream -and out of stream and back onto trail [G] Ambi -08:00 -09:00 Walking by stream on horses [not into it] then away ...... . Ambi -09:00 -12:00 [+ more walking until Horses walking on rocky dry sounding trail, stream quite far away and fades away. Ambi 15:00 -17:00 Horses kind of stumbling along, then approach to river and walk through river [VG] Ambi 17:50 -19:00 [+ more until 28:00] Horses walking on rough grade with rocky sound [VG] AC: 28:27 -29:40 We've been going about two hours now, and we've moved a lot farther up this valley We've just taken a little stop now for lunch. I'm looking a little ahead now to where we're going to go later, there's a mountain in front on us -Granite. The snow has fallen last night and it's left these streaks of white that follow the grain of rock and you can see the grain standing out clearly like a big swirl moving from the top of the mountain down to the bottom. It's just a spectacular sight. Over on the west side, steep line of trees going up, grassy meadow, then spectacular sharp rocky mountain peaks, a couple of thousand feet above us. Saw two golden eagles -migrating south .... AC: 31:08 -31:40 + Ambi to 31:58 We're headed over Dormer Pass. We've just had lunch Halfway. KH: We've been following Stoney Creek up. You guys timed it perfectly. Great fall bi colors, clear blue sky above, be breezy over the pass. Potentially see some wildlife. [NG] Ambi -34:00 -39:25 [not great] More walking on horseback. [quiet and not very active] Very quiet bed -begin to approach stream around 36:30 -then down to stream FX : 37:24 Horse blow as horse is walking on trail. Ambi in pine brush and pine trees, starting to climb up mountain in afternoon 40:25 -41:30 then Alex describes as walking along [no good] until come to a stream [no good] Ambi -more walking along to 53:14 53:14 -54:09 + ambi to 54:45 AC: Karsten, where are we? KH We're about half an hour below Dormer Pass on the south side. You're going to be blown away -we're going to break out of the trees, big open grassy slopes above us, then shrub meadows, and the pass isn't just a pass which you just go over. It sort of extends for a period of time like a tunnel -mountains off to either side. Often where you'll see biggest sheep in this park. Then things will start to get a little more rugged as go down the other side ..... drop down to lower meadows. Chatter then rustling and adjustment of paniers on pack horse 55:24 -56:40 KH: Ok that's it. [off mic] + Perky: They always say the smaller the diamond, the better. Ambi 59:05 -59:30 [might be good little punctuation clucking to horse, and horse moving along 1:01:58 - 1:01:20 Ambi -back on the trail-horses sounding tired and puffing a lot [G] 1:01:58 -1:02:330 + ambi with horses puffing to 1:02:46 AC: We're quite near the top of Dormer Pass, and there's kind of a bowl over on the east side. We're just above the tree line, and down below, ground bow... (Notes truncated)

Background Species

Horse (caballus) - Equus caballus caballus

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 30; Sennheiser MKH 40

Archival Information

3 Aug 2010 by Ben Brotman
3 Aug 2010 by Ben Brotman
3 Aug 2010 by Ben Brotman