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Banff National Park; Stony Creek
Alberta, Canada
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Latitude and Longitude 51.3511, -115.5951 Map

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Media notes

Subject 1: (Interview). Subtitle: Jesse Whittington. Timecode In: 00:02:06. Timecode out: 00:07:33. Notes: Banff National Park; East Slope Grizzly Bear Study. Subject 2: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Telemetry receiver. Timecode In: 00:08:38. Timecode out: 00:10:14. Subject 3: (Equus caballus caballus). Subtitle: Whinny. Timecode In: 00:12:58. Timecode out: 00:13:00. Behaviors: winnies. Subject 4: (Equus caballus caballus). Subtitle: Whinny. Timecode In: 00:16:53. Timecode out: 00:16:55. Behaviors: winnies. Subject 5: (Equus caballus caballus). Subtitle: Whinny. Timecode In: 00:31:44. Timecode out: 00:31:46. Behaviors: winnies. Subject 6: (Equus caballus caballus). Subtitle: Walking. Timecode In: 00:45:57. Timecode out: 00:56:12. Behaviors: clip-clops; snorts; walk. Subject 7: (Equus caballus caballus). Subtitle: Trotting. Timecode In: 00:56:14. Timecode out: 00:56:44. Behaviors: walk. Equipment Notes: Stereo=1; Decoded MS Stereo. NPRNGS -RADIO EXPEDITIONS Y2Y -DAT #4 02:10 -10:00 Interview with Jesse Whittington -looking for radio collared grizzlies + ambi recording of telemetry sounds [no] Ambi 10:59 -11 :40 Ambi in cabin + packing up and getting ready [no] Ambi 11 :45 -12:57 Packing horses [ FX -12:58 -13:00 Horse whinny [G] Ambi 13:01-14:09 -packing horses [no] Ambi :14:10 -14:42 Horse packing. Karsten: "This is the last one This one ties it altogether" + horse whinny and packing [ok, not great] Ambi 15:39 -16:59 Same as above with karsten and Bert talking as pack horses [ok] FX 16:53 Horse whinny [G] Ambi 17:00 -19:34 [no] FX 18:57 Horse whinny Ambi -26:26 -26:48 Bustling, packing, no talking -with distant stream -good for under copy -but short -then Perky talks *FX Good horse whinny and again at *31 :44 -31 :46 Ambi -20=9:47 -33:40 Packing [no] *AX + Ambi "C'mon" ...... horse walking and whinny Ambi 34:37 -35:37 AX; KH 36:07 -38:19 KH: You pot lickers ready to go? AC: Karsten let me show you this map here. KH: Yesterday we started down in Banff ... up this drainage here, over a pass to Elk Creek, down to Cascade River where we are now. This morning we're headed up Stoney Creek going over a pass called Dormer Pass here. We're going up through the trees along a creek. Quite an open valley with lots of avalanche slopes, clear of trees and with bushes and grass, down an open pass, down some shale slopes with the horses, Then drop down to meadows that give way to trees, then we'll be stopping here at the headwaters of the Dormer River at Dormer Cabin for the night." AC: how far? KH: 20 km -15 miles, about 7 hours. I imagine we'll see at least goats or big horn sheep today. Pretty nice ride and if we have a beautiful day today, certainly don't want to hurry it. AC: Certainly a lot nicer than yesterday. It can change pretty quickly. Ambi 38:20 -38:46 -Horses munching -[Good] AC: Standup 39:30 -39:52 It's Saturday about 10:30 in the morning. We're just getting ready to ride out for Day 2 of the expedition. We're in the high valley, but mountains go out much higher around it, maybe to 9,000, 10,000 feet in places. The pass we're going over today is about 8,000 feet, well above tree line. [39:52] ** AC: 39:55-40:20 This is Day 2 of the expedition. We're starting out around 10:30 in the morning. It's just a bright clear beautiful day. Very different from yesterday when we started out. It was foggy and cloudy, and as we rode on through the day, it got rainy, then sleety, then snowy. This was no day to be on an expedition. You wouldn't have wanted to be along yesterday. " Ambi for standup: 40:20 -40:39 ** AC: DISPATCH for WEBSITE 40:44 -41 :58 AC: Standup #2 -42:08 -42:55 *AC: Standup 43:26 -43:48 "On Day 2 of the expedition we're ready to ride out. Our wrangler and Karsten have packed up the horses, loaded them with gear, we've saddled our own horses and we're ready to go. We're riding out of the Warden's Ca... (Notes truncated)

Background Species

Horse (caballus) - Equus caballus caballus

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 30; Sennheiser MKH 40

Archival Information

2 Aug 2010 by Ben Brotman
2 Aug 2010 by Ben Brotman
2 Aug 2010 by Ben Brotman