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Banff National Park; Mount Norquay
Alberta, Canada
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Latitude and Longitude 51.3511, -115.5951 Map

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Subject 1: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Horseback riding. Timecode In: 00:19:15. Timecode out: 00:27:41. Subject 2: (Equus caballus caballus). Timecode In: 00:19:55. Timecode out: 00:20:10. Behaviors: walk; clip-clops. Subject 3: (Equus caballus caballus). Timecode In: 00:22:30. Timecode out: 00:22:35. Behaviors: snorts. Subject 4: (Environmental Recording). Subtitle: Creek ambi. Timecode In: 01:09:08. Timecode out: 01:18:53. Habitat: ; ; Equipment Notes: Stereo=1; Decoded MS Stereo. NPRINGS RADIO EXPEDITIONS "Y2Y" DAT#3 Day #1 -Ride out from Banff -September 25, 1998 Jensen/Chadwick/Thompson = 50 mile ride from Banff to Ya Ha Tinda Ranch MS recording ambi 00:00 -07:41 Norquay Mountain -sounds of packing horses and getting ready to leave parking area 07:42 AC: Perky, Just tell me what we've got here. Perky: A set of baskets, tie a diamond on top and hope they ride. Got a pair of pack horse. Don't carry more than 200 pounds, just as easy one them as I'd like someone to load on me. Just about 60 pounds. During the civil war, packed about 600 pounds. *AX: 09:24 -10:00 "Perky: If you do this just right, should end up with a diamond up here. + Ambi of rope pull...."I'm ready, Va, if you folks are ready, I'm ready." [note: with generator behind scene] *Ambi 10:00 -11 :00 Ambi with generator AX -Karsten Heuer 11 :24 -12:06 KH: "We're at Norquay Ski area today. We're headed up over Elk Pass. Right at tree line, there's an old barn, so lots of open slopes, drop down a side drainage of the Cascade River, follow that into the Cascade River Valley where that stream meets the Cascade River, that's where we'll be stopping for the night. It's about a 7 hour ride. [11:50] I think we'll all have aches and pains. I'm not used to riding horse, and nor are you guys." AC: Encounter wildlife? 16: 13 Perky: park's a pretty big place. Never know what you're going to run into. Could run into some wolves, bears, elk, deer, Park covers approximately 450,000 square acres. If they want to see ya, they'll see you. Just hope we get lucky. These horse been around them enough. We'll just kind of take a coolin ... Usually let the bear make the first move, What they'll do in the park ....Most will turn around and move off Just keep common sense and respect em, they're the big man on the chain in this place. [17:10] *Ambi -17:20 -18 :00 parking lot ambi Ambi -24:50 -26:40 Ambi on trail as head off [ok] 2641 -27:40 more ambi on trail 28:05 -29:00 ambi pickup on trail [ok] 29:00 -49:20 ambi on trail + talking [ng] Ambi -49:20 -1 :07:00 -1 :07:50 [NG] *Ambi -1 :07:00 -1 :07:50 Horses walking on rainy/soppy trail 1 :07:52 -1 :09:00 "AX: 1\1D; [Marilyn Dyck] "Coffee's ready" + general cabin Ambi *Ambi 1:11:20 -1:21:00 Morning ambi at Stoney Creek -Walk from cabin to corral FX: 1:15:57, 1:16:16, 1:16:22, 1:17:02 Horse blows Ambi 1 :22:00 Up steps and into cabin + Cabin ambi Ambi 1:24:40 * Radio starts up -Shortwave good at 1:26:09 -1:26:43 Karsten on shortwave 1:27:50 -1:28:13 Helene on radio is great + more radio ambi and chatter to end.

Background Species

Horse (caballus) - Equus caballus caballus

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 30; Sennheiser MKH 40

Archival Information

20 Jul 2010 by Ben Brotman
20 Jul 2010 by Ben Brotman
29 Jul 2010 by Ben Brotman