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Uttar Pradesh, India
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Latitude and Longitude 27.5839, 77.7019 Map

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Subject 1: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Vrindavan street sounds. Timecode In: 00:00:04. Timecode out: 00:28:49. Notes: From a rickshaw ride. Subject 2: (Sound Effects). Subtitle: Vrindavan temple sounds. Timecode In: 00:28:50. Timecode out: 02:07:32. Notes: Includes some conversation by Ranchor Prime and Alex Chadwick. Equipment Notes: 4-Channel Surround; 1=L, 2=R, 3=Ls, 4=Rs. Show: Geography of Heaven; Vrindavan, India Log of DAT #: 22 Engineer: Flawn Williams Date: November 2003 DAT 22: SurF. Saturday night, early evening 00000 rickshaw ride from MVT to Radha Raman temple. 02715 outside Radha Raman temple, distant bells inside, voices and horn beeps outside in courtyard. 02850 Alex Ids going into temple, then asks Ranchor to describe what's to happen 03135 Into temple service: first a single drum and cymbal hit. Ambi. 03205 loud bells and gongs, *** 03400 changed rec levels? Gets weaker *** 03520 continued bells, "change-ringing" kind of sequence *** 03805 bells end, ambi, transition into acapella men's chant, *** (04000 other speaking voices start to impinge on men's chant for a few seconds) 04450 chant ends, random voices ambi 04630 drum and cymbal on parade, walk around surround array *** 05210 one drum song ends, another starts up, less interesting 05315 second song ends, quiet ambi 05420 first noodlings on harmonium, first western woman singer starts in distance, with harmonium drone, tabla, conversational voices continue (music is stronger in rear mikes!) 05810 crowd hubbub rises a bit as music continues, kid cries in distance 10600 same ensemble, changes to different tune 11450 marching drum and cymbal takes over from harmonium/vocal group 11530 quiet interior ambi, then tabla restarts, drums march back into room 11700 drums once more around the mikes array, walking in and back out 11830 drums once more around the mikes array, walking in and back out 11950 drums once more around the mikes array, walking in and back out 12110 drums end, tabla ambi, harmonium 12245 tabla joins in, first woman vocalist restarts amid hubbub, then quits 12600 harmonium restarts, with Indian woman vocalist (music is stronger in rear mikes!) and male vocalist adds in about 12800, all amid hubbub 13035 drum/cymbal parade drowns out musicians 13300 general hubbub with tabla noodling 13515 male singer starts new song amid hubbub, WV woman singer joins in (music is stronger in rear mikes!) 13930 shouts and ululation as curtains part and deity is unveiled (to 13945) ensemble music continues behind that 14115 more ululation over ensemble music 14250 song ends, harmonium noodling, gentle hubbub 14400 new song starts 14730 adjust miking so it's closer to singers (is it at this point that I rotated the array so the front mikes face the singers? Sounds like it¿), song continues. 15350 song ends, new song starts after a few seconds, still some crowd noise competing with music 20735 tape runs out, song downcut, picks up on tapes 24/25.

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16 Apr 2010 by David McCartt
16 Apr 2010 by David McCartt
16 Apr 2010 by David McCartt