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Punta Tombo
Chubut, Argentina
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Latitude and Longitude -44.0389, -65.2024 Map

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Equipment Notes: Decoded MS stereo. Show: Argentina Log of DAT #:6 Engineer: Flawn William Date: February 14-15, 2003 0:01-7:08 Ambi. Begins to rain. 7:09-7:21 FX. Thunder. 7:22-8:47 Ambi. Rain slows down. 8:48 FX. Thunder. 9:00-9:36 Ambi. Rain. 9:37 FX. Thunder. Great! 9:54-11:17 Ambi. Rain 11:18 FX. Rolling Thunder 11:42-17:16 Ambi. Rain 17:17-18:34 Ambi. Driving on gravel road. 18:35 Stop driving and getting out. 18:43 FX. Door slam 19:14 FX. Bus motor. 19:35-25:52 Conversation in Spanish. Jess speaks to Garda Fauna about the fire. (Ambi of bus motor hum throughout). 25:53 FX. Loud bus motor 25:49-29:04 Ambi. Driving along the road to Punta Tombo. 29:05 Chris muses about recording the wind. 29:43-33:08 Ambi. Driving along the road to Punta Tombo. Sonosac filter 34:04 Chris testing system. 34:37-35:37 Ambi of wind throughout. 34:37 CR To get to where the penguins of Patagonia are you have to drive down this dirt and gravel road for a couple of hours. The road's not so bad. It's when you get out of the car that the problem starts. That's when you meet the wind of Patagonia. This isn't ordinary wind. It blows all day long, and everything here has to accommodate itself to the wind. The bushes here hug the ground, the animals here hug the...the bushes here hug the ground, the animals hug the ground. There are no trees of any sort. Occasionally you see a bird fly up into the wind then change its mind and go back down. If you could capture the wind and sell it, in Patagonia, you could be a millionaire in a day. 35:38 Ambi. Getting into car. Wind. 35:49 FX. Slamming car door. 36:05 FX. Door slam 36:45 Flawn says recording on Ms pair, mkh 30, mkh 50. 38:24-42:48 Ambi. Driving to Punta Tombo. 42:49 Arrive, greet Dee Boersma. 44:12 Quick tour of station facilities. Shown living quarters. 46:55 DB And then these are our trailers. The Jane Fonda and Ted Turner memorial trailers. They came down and fortunately took pity upon us and donated these trailers to the Wildlife Conservation Society. So, those are our other little places. Everyone from Radio Expeditions says it's great. 47:21 DB Actually, you wouldn't know this but yesterday we actually took everything out of here and washed it down and swept it out. But the problem is this wind. I mean, we got 32 millimeters of rain last night and it's been blowing like this the whole time. 47:38 CR Ya, uh, how long do you expect it to blow like this? Is there any way of telling? 47:43 DB Well, we don't usually get 32 millimeters of rain so the whole thing is fairly unusual but, um, well, as you know, you got stopped by fire. So yesterday we had some lightening strikes and that then started this fire. And so really, well it was pretty impressive. On top of the hill here we could see flames and so they must've been I would guess maybe 30 feet high because it had to be, I don't know, nine or so kilometers away from here. So they were worried that if the wind shifted direction it would blow right there. And fortunately we had a very strong south wind so it kept blowing it out towards away from us and then down towards the sea. But apparently they have gotten that stopped. I don't know, you came through. It fortunately delivered my bag, but I could smell the smoke all over the bag, so. CR You could? DB Oh ya CR Well that's probably from driving back through it. DB From driving back through it, but you could see it as he was crossing, the smoke was crossing the road. But, anyway... 48:40 CR Very black smoke, too, very dark, oily looking. This must be creosote-like. Um, I don't know what the plants are but they really burn black. 48:53 DB Ya. And with this grass, you can see all this introduced ... (Notes truncated)

Background Species

Magellanic Penguin - Spheniscus magellanicus

Technical Information

Sennheiser MKH 30; Sennheiser MKH 50

Archival Information

16 Mar 2010 by David McCartt
16 Mar 2010 by David McCartt
16 Mar 2010 by David McCartt