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Loudoun, Virginia, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 39.1092, -77.5578 Map

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Subject: (Vanduzeea). Timecode In: 00:00:04. Timecode out: 01:34:49. Habitat: Rural. Equipment Notes: Stereo=1; Stereo accelerometer. NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions Show: Bug Communication Log of DAT #: 5A Date: 1999 0.00.0 - 03.11 talking in the background with some heavy ambi in the foreground, maybe a bug crawling?; part of a cage being moved around; high-pitched tone (almost unbearable to listen to) 03.12 - 08.30 bug knocks three times and then sort of purrs: "knock, knock, knock, brrrrrrrrrr"; it does this sequence three times. Still talking in the background. The sound of a bug crawling up a screen of some sort? Cage movement again. Faint bug sounds in the foreground. There's some scraping on a screen. 08.31 - 9.56 sounds of a bug walking on grass (crackling sounds)? Some other faint sounds. 9.57 - 10:47 three knocks. More ambi (the crackling/grass sounds). Three knocks again. Talking in background. 10.48 - 12.19 three knocks and purring sounds. Does this three times. 12.20 - 14.07 scraping sounds. Then it sounds like the microphone is knocked over? Then back to ambi sounds. People talking in background again. 14.08 - 14.27 mating call of the male. The warm up followed by three knocks followed by a sing-song groaning. The groan is repeated three times after that. 14.28 - 16.10 the usual ambi. 16.11 - 16.27 Mating call again. Three knocks and then the sing song groaning. (The first time was a little stronger than this one). 16.28 - 18.12 usual ambi sounds again. Talking in background. Scraping against a screen. 18.13 - 19.38 sounds of a bug munching/walking? Neat sound. More knocking. 19.39 - 20.01 three knocks and a purring sound. 20.2 - 20.12 rapid knocking and purring sounds. Cool sound. 20.13 - 21.18 more ambi. Cage sounds. 21.21 - 22.08 CLAP SLATE! 22.09 - 25.00 same ambiance. Faint talking in the background. Faint bug movement sounds. 25.01 - 26.23 bug walking/munching. 26.24 - 29.09 cool bug sounds, although I have no clue what the bug is doing. 29.10 - 30.27 another knocking, "brrr"ing noise. Faint talking in the background. Again with the knocking and "brr"ing noises. 30.28 - 30.38 rapid knocking and "brrr"ing noises, one after another¿.good sound. 30.39 - 32.47 same ambiance. More knocking "brr"ing noises. Faint talking in the background. Again with the knocking "brr"ing noises. 32.48 - 32.55 another series of the rapid knocking and "brrr"ing noises. He sounds excited. 32.56 - 36.45 same ambiance. 36.46 - 37.25 the crackling noise becomes more evident, you can really hear the movement of the bug. 37.26 - 40.59 more ambi. Crackling/movement. Faint talking in the background. 41.00 - 41.49 people in background get a little louder and then fade off again. Some more knocking and "brr"ing sounds. 41.50 - 41.59 another series of the rapid knocking and "brrr"ing noises. 42.00 - 42.41 purring sounds. Cute (they sound like Gizmo from the movie "The Gremlins"). Good background sound. 42.42 - 43.24 ambi. 43.25 - 43.29 sing-song groaning from high pitch to low pitch. 43.30 - 43.45 usual ambi, crackling. 43.46 - 43.50 two small burp-like sounds. 44.32 - 44.53 good crackling/movement sound. 45.00 - 45.20 The male mating call yet again. Three knocks and then the sing-song groaning from high pitch to low pitch. The groans are repeated a few times. 46.36 - 47.04 Some more knocking and then that purring sound again. 47.05 - 47.15 the mating call. Loud, clear recording. One of the best so far. Same as previous mating calls. 51.42 - 52.10 sing-song groaning sound repeated three/four times followed by purring. Good bug sound. Loud and clear. 53.45 - 54.30 a series of sing-song groaning again. Clear. 54.48 - 55.23 a really cool series of purring sounds tha... (Notes truncated)

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Vanduzeea - Vanduzeea

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9 Oct 2009 by Ben Brotman
8 Oct 2009 by Ben Brotman
9 Oct 2009 by Ben Brotman

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